Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta | The Empire Files

Abby Martin as always does an excellent investigative report on just who John Podesta is and what you should realize that this man is threat to our country and well being.

By digging deep and finding out who these people are you get a sense of just how intertwined the web is connected to big money and the power to control the people. People have to realize that the United States is a corporation and they are in no way beholden to the American people. To this huge corporation, that has it’s own military, prints it’s own money, launders money, sells drugs, overthrows governments around the world, the American people are a source of revenue.

Much like a farmer backs up a loan with his cows and how much milk they will be producing. The American people are the very same, chattel to the this monstrous and corrupt corporation located in Washington DC.

With the passing of the Act of 1871, you became owned if you allowed it. The money is fake, their interests in you are fake. The US Inc is interested in profits, plain and simple. When you see on a police car, To Serve and Protect, that’s not you, that’s them. Those police are private security for the US Inc and don’t forget it.

This video may be of some help in understanding the Act of 1871:

Great info on the Act of 1871 if you want –

Donald Trump seems to be the only candidate that understands this and he wants to give the power back to the people. That means a gold standard for our money, and not being controlled by a foreign corporation. Time to break free and it’s time for Trump!

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