Comey “Clears” Clinton Again? I Don’t Think So

Watch this video, what’s missing here?

I think I see what’s going on here.  Comey again has taken the coward route and has not done his job of upholding everybody under the law equally. I think we can sympathize with him, I’m sure as I’m sure many if not most of us are sure or pretty sure that if Comey doesn’t do as he’s told, it would be curtains for him or his family or both? But why is the media spewing that Clinton has been cleared? These are new emails, they are not related to the old ones. Is the media trying to put in our heads that Clinton is free and clear and has nothing to worry about and can go on to be the president and destroy the world? Not so sure about that.

Another huge issue here is that who is going to bring charges? The DOJ won’t do shit, they’ve been threatened over there. You Loretta Lynch taking the 5th amendment privilege, what’s that about? The highest law officer in the country is taking the 5th so as to not incriminate herself? How can that be? I have no doubt in my mind that her life, or family’s lives have been threatened by the Clinton mafia cabal. This is how they operate. Just look at all the dead people left in their wake. Wake up people before the wake is being given in your honor.

See what’s going on here with Anderson Cooper and Kellyanne Conway. For some reason Anderson Pencil Dick Cooper is making an issue about whether or not someone running for the presidency should be allowed to speculate. He just made that one up and stuck with it. This is to confuse the listener because nothing is being said here. Yes Kellyanne is making great points. You know that when Cooper tries to pivot to something else, like is speculation OK? Watch what Cooper is doing and then see how Comey is doing the same thing. Check this out.

Just to wrap this up, Comey is not changing his stupid ruling he made in July not to pre

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