Comey Re-opens E-mail Investigation | I Don’t Think So!

I have been seeing a lot of excitement about the possible outcome from FBI Director James Comey reopening an investigation into the Clinton e-mail scandal. It’s very easy to see why everybody is getting so excited, we all know Hillary Clinton is as guilty as guilty can be. Therefore we are all now hopeful again she will land her rightful position in a jail cell. Have they confiscated her passport yet? Have they taken Obama’s passport yet if he even has one.

The real reason I think is that this is yet another distraction concocted by the corrupt Clinton mafia cabal to have Trump supporters focusing on something other than spreading the word about Trump. It’s not the time to take a break and drop the ball. We that know our country’s future depends on Trump getting elected my stay diligent and focused and work hard than ever to share with other Trump’s plan to make America Great Again!

One of the huge differences between Trump and Clinton is that Clinton doesn’t have a plan nor need one. The plan she will be pushing forward has already been created and is waiting in the wings, but not by her. The banking cabal, the lobbyists, the open border supporters, the pro illegal immigration idiots can’t wait to turn America into a 3rd world cesspool as has happened to many countries in Europe. We will not become like Europe, we are going to fight.

What I can’t understand is, and having lived in Thailand for many years and have seen more than one military coup, doesn’t the US military step in stop the madness. Every military coup I’ve seen in Thailand since 2006 has done good for the country. A military coup in the US would be the best possible scenario at this point. So why doesn’t it happen? We have a traitor in the White House. We have a criminal running for the presidency of the US. “We” have “accidentally” dropped weapons and supplies right into the hands of ISIS. Obama and his gangs are desperately trying to overthrow Assad using ISIS and Alqaeda which is the same thing. The US led no fly zones and cease fires are for nothing more than allowing ISIS to realign themselves and it’s pretty damn obvious to the rest of the world save Europe and the US that it’s the US backed IS fighters that are bombing schools and hospitals in Syria. But still the media spews it’s shit that Assad should be charged with war and crimes against humanity when it’s exactly the other way around.d It’s Obama and Clinton that should be charged with these crimes as well as the president of France and of course the PM of England. So when is the madness going to stop. It’s going to stop with Trump which is why we need to stay focused and destroy Hillary Clinton as all cost.

Here is what Rush Limbaugh had to say. This is exactly what I was thinking as soon as I heard of the “reopening” of the pseudo investigation.


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