Donald Trump Will Destroy The New York Times

The New York Times released an article and video of a woman that said 35 years ago Trump groped her. Although Trump has never ever been accused of groping women or inappropriately touching women this coming out now is no surprise. The Clintons are known for destroying people’s lives with lies, attacking their families, their character and reputations.

Jessica Leeds, the woman with this story in a very scripted way adds in that the reason she has been so quiet for over 3 decades is that’s the way things were. Women just didn’t speak up about these things.

Well the story just doesn’t add up and Trump has issued to the New York Times a “cease and desist” letter and he’s not backing down. Not good for the NY Times!


This is what Trump had to say.



Trump has demanded the article be retracted because it’s libelous and has issued a cease and desist letter to the NY Times Wednesday October 12th.



The demand for an apology has been issued by Trump’s attorneys for this fake story.


The mainstream media which is an extension of the Clinton camp is looking pretty desperate. I believe they think they could have taken him down by now like they did Bernie Sanders.

Take a look at the evidence below of two fake stories that were taken from another sexual assault case.


Notice any similarities here? Pretty obvious really. Get this out there. As we say here at The Federal Review, The Truth is a Terrible Thing To Waste!

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