Election Fraud Through Fractions | There Is No Democracy!

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How Hillary Steals The Vote Revealed On Camera!  Send Viral!  Nothing more important!


Bev Harris explains the smoking gun proof of how they will STEAL the election!


This is the most important article I have ever done because this is 100% how they plan to steal the election for Hillary!  It’s all PROVEN and we can stop it if we ALL share this information with Donald Trump, Roger Stone and all citizens right now!  Bev Harris of www.blackboxvoting.org might have just saved the Republic if we all get the word out right now!

In this shocking video, Bev goes over how she has proven they steal our votes by activating the “fraction” feature of ALL the voting machines used to tabulate the results.  Doing it this way means they control it at the central stations tabulating the vote, not at voting booth.  They don’t care what happens at the voting booth because they can control exactly how the election will come out!  They have caught them red handed doing the rigging in this video!  They run out of the building with computers!  Later, the computer is reformatted to destroy all evidence!

The good news in all of this is Bev reported on The Alex Jones Show that we can fight back!  She says this video and information must go viral NOW!  She said that temporary restraining orders must be filed in all 50 states to insure the “Fraction” function is disabled on the machines, to force the machines to take pictures of the ballots and to SAVE these pictures for an audit after the election.

Bev reports if this truth goes viral to Donald Trump, Roger Stone and everybody else then these emergency restraining orders can be filed this week and their plans will not work!  It’s Game Over for the criminals if these restraining orders are filed right now!  So get the word out.  Blow up Trump’s and Roger Stone’s email addresses, Twitter etc so they know to go file all these court actions NOW!

I’m giving out prizes to everybody who shares this video and information with as many people as they can!  Nothing is more important than Stopping the Steal!  Just email me at glenn@nsearch.com if you share this video!



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