What You Get With President Trump – Absorb This!

If Trump becomes President…THINK HARD FOLKS!

• The Clinton Corruption is destroyed and rendered powerless.
• The media has been neutered forever.
• Career politicians will have lost all job security.
• The guns in your home will safely stay there.
• Preachers will be free to preach truth without the threat of government interference.
• Israel will have no doubt that we are truly their ally
• Iran will not get one more plane full of cash.
• No more apologies to the world for being great!
• Our enemies, most of which help fund Hillary’s campaign will definitely be a little scared.
• Our healthcare rates stand a real good chance of going down.
• There is at least some hope that new manufacturing jobs will be coming back to your state.
• The drug cartel and other criminals currently crossing our borders will realize their days are numbered.
• The police will be supported so they can restore law and order.

If you can think of anything else, add your comments below.