Hillary Clinton October Schedule | This IS Sick!


Wikileaks did release emails between Hillary and her staff in 2009 that she was basically tied to her bed and totally unable to work for an entire year.

Unreported medical issues? You go to be kidding!

What would you expect as a leader that is so sick? I feel sorry for her actually, she’s being used. She is being played.

To put someone like this, old and sick but ego driven, just to know she’s going to die. Or they are going to kill her. She is just there to try to defeat Trump. She won’t live another year if 4 months.

She’s sick, very sick!






This is called the “stroke score” which is a finger squeeze test being administered by a doctor on September 11th for the 9-11 ceremony. She didn’t make it through a whole ceremony by the way.


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