Satanic Rituals by Clinton Camp | What Is Spirit Cooking?

Major bombshell dropped the other day when the latest Wikileaks published satanic rituals being conducted by the Clintons and others in power. This is some seriously sick shit. The ritual is called “Spirit Cooking” and it’s performed by someone that is qualified to do it. Must be done by a witch or warlock or a liberal.

We’ve been telling you for years about the bizarre occult and satanic practices of Hillary and her inner circle, only to be called “conspiracy theorists” or worse. Now it is being verified, and even the most skeptical must confront the fact that we’ve been correct.

To get a better understanding about what Spirit Cooking is, Luke from WEARECHANGE.ORG does a pretty good job at describing what it is.Clinton campaign is linked to satanic rituals. Bill Clinton wasn’t kidding when he said Hillary “worked like a demon as Secretary of State”

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