Top Priority: Who Is Huma Abedin? | The End Of America That’s Who.

Forget the emails for a minute and see exactly what is in the works by means of Huma Abedin.  The goal here is to end America as we know it and install a Sharia’h system of law like they have in Saudi Arabia. Well it ain’t happening!

These are the four names you need to pay attention to;Clinton, Abedin, Saudi Arabia and Abdullah Omar Nasseef.

Check out what Huma Abedin’s family business is all about.The Institute of Minority Muslim Affairs which, as we reported, is a pro-Sharia Law newsletter where Abedin used to work, is “owned by the Muslim World League, Saudi Arabia’s global organization that promotes violent Wahhabi Islam.”

This can’t happen. we need action and we need it now!

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