War Crimes


It should be obvious now that the United States Inc, a foreign corporation located in Washington DC has committed crimes against humanity across the globe. Wanting to steal Iraq’s oil and create instability across the middle east. This was all done for profit.

Companies like Haliburton made out like a bandit, but then again, they are bandits. Qaddafi wanted to use the gold African dinar rather than the US fiat currency the dollar to sell his oil. The cabal was not going to have any of that. Libya went from having the highest standard of living in Africa, and probably a much higher standard of living in most parts of the world to a country that has gone to shit.

The only reason they have not taken Assad  out of the picture yet is because the Syrian people stand behind him. He is not who the US Inc military complex war machine says he is, nor was Saddam Hussein or Qaddafi.

This travesty needs to end!









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